Vallisneria is one of the ideal aquarium plants for beginners, as growing them is not a difficult task. Vallisneria provides dense shades for fishes in an aquarium.

Why need a beginner’s guide for Vallisneria? Beginner’s guide for Vallisneria has precise information for growing and maintaining the Vallisneria in a home aquarium

Vallisneria – Overview

Common NameValls or Vallesnaria
ColorLight Green to Dark Green
Habitat/OriginThey are widely found in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa
Average SizeDepending on the variety, the size differs. They tend to grow until the height/length of the tank (30cm to 60cm)
Growth RateFast growers, in ideal conditions the parent plant produces a set of leaves from the roots every 2 weeks
PlacementMostly preferred as a background plant
MaintenanceLow in maintenance, they are tolerant and adaptable. Don’t require Co2, however, they need iron-rich substrate nutrient or an iron-rich supplement.
Planting MethodsTrim the roots and insert the aquarium plant firmly in the substrate
Ideal SetupMost suitable for low tech aquarium because of the less maintenance nature and spread in the tank
Care LevelEasy, one of the most suitable beginner’s aquatic plant
SupplementsIron-Rich dosages
LightingBright lighting required for the proper growth of the Vallisneria plant
Water temperatureThe preferred range of temperature is 63 to 82 Degree Fahrenheit or 17 to 28 Degree Celsius
PropogationVallisneria could simply reproduce the plants by runners, once the runners have a few leaves they can be disconnected from the mother plant and can be planted in a different tank
Approx. CostIn the USA, they cost around 3 to 6 Dollars and in Asia, they are around ½ price of the USA
Common DiseasesThe leaves turn yellow if there is no ideal condition for the plant to thrive
What to look for when buyingDon’t buy if there are Snails are eggs on the leaves. If the leaves are pale yellow in color, dotted holes in leaves, and algae don’t buy them. Also, keep in mind the tank size as they grow up tall.
Related SpecifiesVallisneria spiralis, Vallisneria nana, twisted-leaved Vallisneria tortifolia, Vallisneria gigantea
FAQs Check out the most asked questions about Vallisneria

Types of Vallisneria – Gallery


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