Crypts or Cryptocoryne are one of the most used mid-ground plants in many aquascapes. In this post, we have answered the 9 most asked questions from Quora and Google on Crypts/Cryptocoryne

Are crypts low light plants?

Yes, Crypts are low light plants and they generally grow slowly.

How do you treat cryptocoryne?

The best way to treat your Crytocoryne before planting is give it a wash with Pottasium permanganate solution and then plant them. Make sure they get proper light and add appropriate fertilizers

How do you plant crypt Wendtii?

Trim the roots of the Crypt Wendtii and plant it deep in the substrate. Before planting ensure give it a thorough rinse and see for any infections.

How do crypts propagate?

Crypts propagate through runners that are developed from the roots, as the plant matures they produce runners. As soon as there are 2 to 3 leaves from the runners, you can separate the young plant and re-plant.

How fast do crypts grow?

Crypts grow at a medium pace an average of 1 leaf for a week if it is a matured crypt plant.

What causes crypt melt?

Crypt melts mostly due to replanting from one tank to another and changes in lighting. Most of the Crypts are grown as Emeresed plants in nurseries and when it is planted underwater they tend to melt and then take the new form as submerged plants

Do crypts need substrate?

Yes, Crypts need a substrate to grow as they are the root feeders.

Do crypts need co2?

Crypts, in my opinion, do not need Co2. However, if you induce the water with Co2 they tend to grow a bit faster.

Are crypts root feeders?

Crypts are roots feeders and they grow healthy and faster if you add roots tabs in the substrate.

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